Art and voodoo: Spend an afternoon in Miami’s Little Haiti – The Globe and Mail

Little Haiti is part of North America’s immigrant narrative. For decades, Haitian refugees fleeing everything from Papa Doc’s Tonton Macoutes to natural disasters flocked to south Florida. In the two square kilometres just north of Miami’s chic Design District and wildly popular Wynwood Art District, Creole is the lingua franca, voodoo is practised, art flourishes and locals dance to the latest tunes from Port-au-Prince. It’s a chance for adventurous visitors to leave chi-chi Miami behind for a couple of hours and explore a different culture.

One thing it has in common with the rest of the city? Art. The neighbourhood is becoming “a mecca for young artists,” says Duval-Carrié, a darling of the Art Basel crowd and a long-time resident. Up-and-comers are getting pushed out of the increasingly expensive Wynwood, so Little Haiti is in contention to become the next “gritty art scene,” as one alt-weekly newspaper put it. via  – The Globe and Mail



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