Talk about your experiences and feelings about the Jan. 12 earthquake.

I remember I just got home from school on Jan. 12, 2010 when a friend called me sobbing on the phone. It was very difficult to make out what she was saying because she could not control herself. I immediately thought of the worse, or so I thought. Haiti was the farthest thing from my mind; I could not have imagined anything being so awful. After all, I just returned from spending Christmas with my family in Haiti. “Our Haiti is gone, no more” I finally heard my friend say. “Turn your TV on,” she insisted before hanging up. It was awful. With all these Horrific images coming out of Haiti I made 922 calls to everyone I knew in Haiti before I got through to one of my cousins who walked miles with the ground still shaking to bring the phone to other family members. It took four long days. Thankfully everyone was alive minus broken bones and such. I will never forget the gripping suspense and crippling silence that was destroying me day after day until I got a word from Home. Others were not so fortunate. I thank God for sparing us but how does one ever recover from such unprecedented loss of life and sufferings.


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