“Bataille de Vertieres” – Rapadoo Observateur

Haiti: Dominican Racism Survived History in a Time Capsule – Rapadoo Observateur


Tropicana d’Haïti: 50 ans d’exemple – Marie A. Alliance


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The Haitian Government Censors Speech at Haiti’s most Celebrated Agora – Rapadoo Observateur!


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Kita Nago to Transcend Mediocrity, Divisiveness and Unite Haitians – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Occupy Haiti (I)- Earthquake’s Anniversary – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Occupy Haiti (II) – Earthquake Anniversary Edition – Rapadoo Observateur!

No thumbnail for Radyonou.com:  Yon ti kout je sou Tropicana d’Haiti – Rapadoo Observateur!

Radyonou.com: Yon ti kout je sou Tropicana d’Haiti – Rapadoo Observateur!

Super Storm Sandy Exposed Haiti’s Failed Reconstruction – Rapadoo Observateur!

No thumbnail for Haiti: Bataille de Vertieres – Rapadoo Observateur!

Haiti: Bataille de Vertieres – Rapadoo Observateur!


Governor Jones Motivates Members of Charlotte for Haiti Provisional Rotary Club

No thumbnail for Haiti: A Fascistic Quarter-Century that Sabotaged Haiti’s Democracy — Rapadoo Observateur!

Haiti: A Fascistic Quarter-Century that Sabotaged Haiti’s Democracy — Rapadoo Observateur!

No thumbnail for Haitians Drowning at sea on their Perpetual Quest for a Better Life – Rapadoo Observateur!

Haitians Drowning at sea on their Perpetual Quest for a Better Life – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Strict Integration Undermines Smaller Caribbean Countries says Economist – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Landmark Ruling in DR sets Precedent for Trafficking in Persons – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haitians & Friends Raised Haiti’s Flag High At UNC Charlotte – Rapadoo Observateur!

Haiti: Political Ineptitude Highlights Haiti’s Autocratic Government – Rapadoo Obvservateur!


Haiti: Colombian Leader Called for Collective Cooperation on Haiti’s Reconstruction – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Haitians Demand U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten Expelled – Rapadoo Observateur!

No thumbnail for Haiti: The Haitian Senate Moved to Isolate President Martelly – Rapadoo Observateur!

Haiti: The Haitian Senate Moved to Isolate President Martelly – Rapadoo Observateur!

No thumbnail for Haiti: Planting Seeds of Sustainable Development in Haiti – Rapadoo Observateur!

Haiti: Planting Seeds of Sustainable Development in Haiti – Rapadoo Observateur!

President Michel Martelly (left) and resigning PM Garry Conille (right)

Haiti: Port-au-Prince Took yet another Nosedive to Cover its Tracks – Rapadoo Observateur!


Spring Break Conundrum – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Haitian Carnival Rediscovered its Colors, Smiles and Beauty – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Resolving Generational Land Conflicts Instrumental to Haiti’s Recovery – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Duvalier as Promotion’s Honorary Speaker Sparked Controversy – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Rampant Insecurity Threatens to Steal the Spirit of Christmas – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti’s 2011 Year in Review – Disastrous Haitian Politics Deterred Real Progress – Rapadoo Observateur!


Barca vs Madrid: El Clasico Facilo, a Catalan Recital by Barcelona – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Martelly Undeterred by Increasing International Pressure against his Army – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: President Martelly Persue New Foreign Policy Ideals at CELAC – Rapadoo Observateur!

Unified Confederation of Workers (CUT)

Haiti: American Continent Helping Haiti Fight UN Occupation – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Martelly Pledges Solidarity with Cuba against Senseless U.S. Embargo – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Deputy Belizaire’s Arrest Exposed Haiti’s Structural Human Rights Problems – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: History of Political Intervention by the OAS Says New Report – Rapadoo Observateur!

Mirlande Manigat

Haiti: Martelly/Conille’s Novice Government Faces Formal Opposition – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: A New Government Heads the New Republic of Change – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti: Haitian Leaders Deemed ill-Prepared to Rebuild the Country – Rapadoo Observateur!

Voting Haitian Senate

Haiti: Martelly’s Prime Minister Cleared Major Constitutional Hurdles in Haitian Senate – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Duvalierism: Chilling Effect on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Trafficking: Human Trafficking Business Booms in Post-quake Haiti- Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Rebuilding: President Martelly to Deliver Speech at Columbia’s World Leaders Forum – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Sex Scandal: Revolting Sexual Abuse Culture Bedevils UN Peacekeeping Forces – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Politics: A Third First-Step for President Martelly to Jumpstart his Government – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Politics: The Obama Administration’s Preoccupation with Haiti’s Political Crisis – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Rebuilding: Developing a Sustainable Middle Class in Haiti – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Politics: Haitian Lawmakers Play the Primitive Race Card – Rapadoo Observateur!


Haiti – Politics: Bitterly Divided Senate Shot Down Martelly’s Gousse (Part One) – Rapadoo Observateur!

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