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Jun , with demonstration of basic broadsword spin and block, head wrap and cut movements at end of . for names of movements go to https//baksillum.wordpress..Northern shaolin (martial art) in its broadest sense, northern shaolin ( chinese pinyin bisholn cantonese yale baksiulhm) refers to the external (as opposed to internal) martial arts of northern china referring to those styles from the northern shaolin . Aug , bak sil lum (northern shaolin) spinning chain whip sample duration . winglamkungfu , views. . shaolin monk trainings that will your mind duration . Wu propagated his bak sil lum in hong kong where, in , he accepted kwok wei chan for studies. after ten year of intensive training kwok wei chan emigrated to brazil to teach kung fu in sao paulo where he is regarded to this day as the father of brazilian kung fu.

Red palm clan (bak sil lum northern shaolin historical society) has members. we are the northern shaolin historical society. also known as bak pai. History. northern shaolin bak sil lum pai the northern shaolin system of self defense has its roots deeply woven into the fabric of time. in chinese history, records of wrestling style can be traced back to bc. when iron was first developed in around bc, archery, horsemanship, swordsmanship and shuaichiao (type of wrestling). ku yucheung bak sil lum championship kung fu tai chi day presentations & workshops. to register for the tiger claw elite kungfumagazine championship, click here. this is preregistration tournament only. all registrations must be . Martial arts training and experience. after studying both karate and kung fu for six months, he decided to concentrate on kung fu. dr. cann then undertook ten years of intense training with sifu al wharton in the baksillum style of kung fu. he now spees in the .