Cafe Tea Menu Document Chicken Fingers

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Cafe grill inc. the menu. we specialize in seafood, chicken, subs & salads. hours. monday thursday . grilled chicken breast $chicken fingers $. iced tea $.. cafe grill specialty homemade iced tea. lemonade $. strawberry lemonade $..Four chicken fingers, crinklecut fries, one cane’sauce, texas toast, coleslaw, regular drink (oz) . we use our own proprietary blend of premium seasonings and spices in our sauce and our restaurant general managers make new batch every day in each raising canes kitchen. . or try our famous tea (sweet or unsweet) or lemonade. our . Mondaythursday ampm fridaysaturday ampm sunday ampm Chicks cafe menu. evening plates. chicken & waffles. cheese . coffee/tea. coffee. cappuccino. latte. lunch. . mac & cheese macaroni and cheese served with chicken fingers. drinks $. sweet tea. apple cider lemonade. juice (cranberry, apple, orange) soda (pepsi & coke) bucket of chicks served with sides and biscuit per person.