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Chocolate milk the documentary counters this habitually negative narrative as awardwinning director and producer elizabeth bayne, mph, mfa explores the racial inequities of breastfeeding in her first featurelength film.Chocolate cake chocolate bar chocolate brownie hot chocolate white chocolate choco. *. . . png. .co donuts caviar chocolate cake coffee choco donuts. *. . . png. . chocolate milk white chocolate documentary film clip art choco. *. . . png. chocolate truffle confectionery ice cream cocoa bean chocolate . Chocolate milk the documentary is film about the state of breastfeeding in black america brought to you by the african american breastfeeding project. Documentary overview chocolate milk is documentary about breastfeeding in the african american community. only % of african american women breastfeed compared to % of white and % of latino women in the .. chocolate milk explores why and introduces us to the women working tirelessly to close the gap.