Harvest Moon Light Of Hope Preview Candy Eggs And Chocolate Milk

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Harvest moon light of hope previewcandy eggs and chocolate milk. elias blondeau july , . harvest moon light of hope was one of my biggest surprises of e, really.Read something about cow that gave chocolate milk, chocolate chicken that laid candied eggs, and pink sheep that produced cotton candy wool but it . Harvest moon light of hope. . the brown cows raised at the same time are giving great chocolate milk, and the silky donkies are giving great silky fur, but the sheep nothing. showing of comments . you can get great cotton candy wool as soon as they mature. just save before you shear and if you don’get what you want, reload. Step microwave candy melts in glass bowl at medium (% power) minute or until melted, stirring once spoon into plastic bag, and seal. step lay flat on wax paper, and let stand until firm.