Chocolate Milk Crossed Out

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Love it when can easily make something at home and it turns out to be just as good or better than the more expensive storebought kind. ive been wanting to try some homemade chocolate syrup.Im in love, yes with david and yes with baby elsa, ive always been in love with avocado, love that we have this blog, but now im also in love with another blog. its called my new roots and sarah is the women behind it. david recently showed me her blog with the words you will love . This easy chocolate fudge recipe makes delicious, chocolatey fudge pieces great for giving as gift, or enjoying as treat! get the recipe here. Nov , youve probably heard that chocolate can kill your dog but do you know why chocolate is poisonous, which types of chocolate are more harmful than others, the symptoms of chocolate poisoning and the one thing thats more lethal than chocolate?