Celestia Discord Sun And Chocolate Milk By Agnessangel

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Celestia thought it would taste salty or bittersweet, but being the demon of chaos that he is, discord had made his cum taste like chocolate milk. enjoying the taste in her mouth, the high princess swallowed it as discord flipped his body around so that he’on his stomach and facing her.Tags. creator chose not to use archive warnings discord/spike (my little pony) spike/thorax (my little pony) discord/tirek (my little pony) princess celestia/discord Jun , mlp fim my little pony friendship is magic se s e season episode twilight’kingdom part discord & princess celestia discord gives celestia bouquet of flowers. Milk of the sun (celestia) (first) crimson_king jul th, , never not member of pastebin yet? . it away, she placed the glass there, and gave final hard squeeze, the glass filled instantly with her nurturing milk, and celestia let out quiet, restrained moan. >she put the carton back in the fridge, and levitate fork, the glass .