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Principal component analysis (pca) is statistical procedure that uses an orthogonal transformation to convert set of observations of possibly correlated variables (entities each of which takes on various numerical values) into set of values of linearly uncorrelated variables called principal components.if there are observations with variables, then the number of distinct principal .Type or paste doi name into the text box. click go. your browser will take you to web page (url) associated with that doi name. send questions or comments to doi . The netherlands had considerable part in the making of modern society. the netherlands and its people have made numerous seminal contributions to the world’civilization, especially in art, science, technology and engineering, economics and finance, cartography and geography, exploration and navigation, law and jurisprudence, thought and philosophy, medicine, and agriculture. The big list of words >> phonemicchart. aargh abandon abandoned abbey aberdeen abilities ability able abnormal aboard abolished abolition abortion about above abroad abruptly absence absent absolute absolutely absorb absorbed absorption abstract absurd abuse abused ac academic academics academy accelerated acceleration accent accents accept acceptable acceptance accepted accepting .