Best Lion Roar Drawing Images

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Male southern african lion photographed in kruger national park, south africa southern african lioness photographed in etosha national park, namibiaTake look at some of the craziest and best lion tattoos ever created. Kion is male lion cub, the leader of the lion guard, and the prince of pride rock.he is the only son of simba and nala, and the younger brother of kiara.. before becoming the leader of the lion guard, kion witnessed his best friend, bunga, being attacked by hyenas, and he reflexively used the roar of the elders to save him. Mufasa is an adult male lion and former king of pride rock. he is the mate of sarabi, with whom he has son, simba. after the birth of his son, simba, mufasa trained him in the ways of an upright monarch, schooling him in such matters as the circle of life.