Unique Harpy Eagle Library

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[sorry about any weird spacing/spelling mistakes. just got new phone (going from android to apple) and ‘still trying to get used to the new keyboard.Let’just consider that only the amazon rainforest is home to over , species of birds, each of them segregating themselves to particular niche in this vast and complex ecosystem, in order to survive and to reproduce.. the imposing harpy eagle (harpia harpyja) one of the world’largest out of the species of eagles flies over the . The northern crested caracara has unique and striking plumage. one of its most distinctive features is the black patch of feathers on the top of its head. Sloth distribution. black box represents approximate range of hoffmann’twotoed sloth red box represents linnaeus’ twotoed sloth. adapted from www.dmaps according to iucn fact sheets for hoffman’twotoed and linnaeus’ twotoed sloths. see iucn fact sheets for detailed distributions.