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Fur is the hair covering of nonhuman mammals, particularly those mammals with extensive body hair that is soft and thick. the stiffer bristles on animals such as pigs are not generally referred to as fur.Paranormal. some things just can’be explained, but that doesn’mean it isn’fun to try. find articles on the most miraculous, anomalous, and enigmatic phenomena of our world and the next. The utah ufo hunters investigative team. utah ufo reporting and database, ufo search group, utah ufo photo’, extraterrestrial contact & disclosure, space and the utah connection, utah phenomenon, bigfoot, cropcircles, mysterious places, portals, dugway proving ground, the utah test and training range, the new area , ufo . arachne. archanes are creatures with spiderlike abilities and attributes, they appear human with mottled skin and double irisedeyes. until / not much was known about them as they had not been seen outside of crete, greece for , years, the reemergence in could have been attributed to the averted apocalypse, which .

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