The Haitian Diaspora for Civic and Human Rights (HDRHR) in coalition with other civic organizations invites countless concerned citizens of all nations, to join the HDCHR on October 17th for a huge protest in front of the Dominican Republic Consulate located at 1501 Broadway Ave, New York, NY. The rally will start at 2 pm until 6pm.

HDCHR will unequivocally demand to rescind the 168/13 ruling of September 23rd 2013 from the Dominican\’s Highest Court annulling the citizenship of half a million of Dominicans of Haitian decent including other ethnic groups, if they were not born before 1929 in the land.

This decision is an unashamed infringement of all international engagements of the Dominican Republic in violating the human rights and dignity of its population. It is also a potential anthropological and civil genocide setting the ground for an eventual ethnic cleansing case on the Hispaniola Island. via Diaspora Protest at Dominican Consulate in NY



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